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Bainbridge Public Safety cracks down on "molly"


Investigators in Bainbridge say they are trying to crack down on a party drug before it spreads through the community.

"Molly", which is a form of ecstasy, was found with marijuana at a house on Monroe Street Friday.

Investigators raided the home after getting a tip that the drugs were being sold at the house.

They say Ramu Hawkins and Terrill White admitted they were selling the drugs.

Investigators say "molly" is usually a combination of ecstasy and meth or caffeine which makes it very addictive and that can result in more crime.

"Nine times out of 10 we find stolen property in them. We find firearms in them. Sometimes the people, the addicts, the people that use it, don't have the money to do it so they are going to by any means necessary. Stealing stuff. Stealing firearms," said Detective Mark Esquivel.

Hawkins and White are charged with possession of marijuana and ecstasy with intent to distribute.

They were both denied bond.

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