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Friends continue injured man's produce sales

A. W. Gill was severely injured in a wreck last week A. W. Gill was severely injured in a wreck last week

A well-known Worth County farmer, injured in a tractor crash is still in the hospital, but his condition is improving. And family members are asking for your help buying his produce, before it goes bad.

Wayne Sapp, the general manager of Stripling's in Worth County, says they've been buying produce from A. W. Gill for years. Now Sapp is encouraging others to buy from him.

"Here we have some of AW's okra. He has good quality stuff. Fresh stuff. I mean it's a good product, plus it would be helping him and his family out so much."

Gill has been in the hospital since Thursday. He was driving his tractor south on Highway 300 when a pickup truck slammed into the back of this tractor, leaving him seriously injured. Now family members are tending to his plots which are spread out over Warwick and Oakfield.

"I got this okra from his son in law on Saturday," Sapp said. "It's basically just a husband and wife team. They really didn't have anyone else helping them and with him laid up in the hospital, and you know she's going to be there with him. People are trying to pitch in and do what they can, but it would really mean a lot if people would come help him out in the community."

While the 'closed' sign hangs from the door at Gill's produce stand off highway 300, fresh vegetables are still for sale- just a phone call away. And Sapp says it's important that it sells.

"It's a time sensitive thing. You got a certain amount of time to get your crops to the market or to the locals here that buy it. I mean, if you don't cut okra like every two or three days, you're going to lose a lot of money."

Money that Gill's family needs to help with medical bills. "He gets along well with everybody, would do anything to help anybody. That's why it's important to help him back, because he's just that type of person."

Gill is now listed in good condition. But Sapp says the phone calls at Striplings continue coming in as folks in the community send their prayers and well wishes his way.

To buy produce from A. W. Gill, you can call his son-in-law, Dan McPherson at 229-305-7331. There's no limit, you can buy by the pound or bushel.


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