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Another headstone vandalized in Berrien Co. cemetery


Another headstone has been vandalized in the Long Bridge Cemetery in Berrien County.

It was doused with motor oil and permanently stained several months after similar vandalism on several other grave sites.

Three times a week Jackie Gaskins sits by her son's grave and talks to him. "I miss texting and talking to him, so this is the best place I know how to do it."

It's a place where she feels connected to her son who would have celebrated his 29th birthday last Friday. "Here we are cleaning oil off of his headstone, back and in and out of it, instead of trying to celebrate that he did have a birthday."

Her son Sergeant Brandon Morrow's grave site is decorated in patriotism. Gaskins says it hurts even more knowing someone would target a veteran's headstone. "I don't know who's doing all this but they need to stop. Because this was my son; he served 8 years in the military as a marine. Very proudly he served those and very proudly we stood behind him."

And it's a case the Berrien County Sheriff's Office has been working on for almost a year after multiple other headstones have been damaged by motor oil.

"It's just someone being mean basically. It's someone that doesn't have any thought of the feelings or considerations of others. I mean if they'll do this, what else will they do," said Detective Len Moore.

"That's our son laying there and that's disrespectful. I have to come out here and look at that every time I walk around it," said Gaskins.

But it's a place that brings Gaskins peace of mind, and she won't stop coming.

The Berrien County Sheriff's Office is offering a $1,500 reward in the case and has increased patrols in the area hoping to prevent any more vandalism.

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