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Heavy rain impacts plant nurseries


We all know that rain helps plants grow, but is there such thing as too much of it?

Plant nurseries across south Georgia are feeling the positive and negative effects of recent downpours.

The heavy rainfall has forced Nesmith Nursery employee Karen Crosby to clip off excess stems on Caladium and other nursery plants.

"A lot of things are getting too much water. A lot of your potted plants, if they're are getting too wet make sure you pull the saucer out from under them that is catching the water."

But Crosby says she is not taking all of the recent rain for granted.

"All the rain has kind of extended our spring. People are still planting some because it's cooler to work in the yard and things are getting watered really well."

As opposed to the last few years, nurseries are saving time and money by not having to do as much hand watering.

"We are not having to water as much and of course there is nothing like rain on your flowers. They just do so much better. There must be some miracle thing in the rain," said Crosby.

Crosby says the rain does keep some folks away, but it also brings more folks in.

"We've had a few customers come out and get stuck and had to visit with us a while. It does make some people a little weary, but true gardeners usually don't let a little thing like that stop them."

Like with many south Georgia crops, the rain and wind are also inviting several plant diseases.

"A lot of things like hydrangeas are needing to be sprayed with a fungicide. Your Indian Hawthorne get black spots kind of like roses so use a good fungicide," said Crosby.

But for Crosby and her coworkers, cooler rainy days are a nice change of pace.

"It has been a much more pleasant summer to work out in the heat. Of course it does get really humid. Especially before a shower comes. But it has definitely made it a lot more pleasant.

Crosby says ideal weather conditions would be to have good sunshine for five or six hours, a light afternoon shower , and then no rain until the next day.

Nursery workers say while they do appreciate the rain, they do not appreciate the increased number of mosquitoes and ants that come with it.


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