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Man arrested for attacking woman


Thomasville Police reports that Wayne Wright was charged with Aggravated Battery, Kidnapping, Obstruction of Officer an Possession of Marijuana Less than an Ounce, after a woman was found bleeding profusely.

Here is the Thomasville Police Report-

On Monday July 15, 2013 at 0223 hours, Officers Chris Baggett and John Surles were dispatched to Waffle House (15228 Hwy 19 S) in reference to an assault in progress. Dispatch advised that a black male was assaulting a white female and that she was bleeding from her face.

Dispatch still had an open line with the complainant and advised that the black male suspect was wearing a white shirt and that he went behind the building. Sgt. Chris Brock advised the responding units to step up to lights and sirens.

I, Officer Robert Dunn, was already heading towards Waffle House. Officer Surles and Bagget arrived on scene. Officer Baggett requested for EMS to be en route for the white female at Waffle House. Officer Surles advised that he had a visual on the suspect in the employee parking lot at Walmart Mart (15328 Hwy 19 S) .

Officer Surles advised that the subject fled on foot. Officer Surles advised that the black male subject went into Walmart Mart. Officer Baggett went to Walmart to assist Surles. Shortly after, Officer Surles advised that he had the black male subject in custody. I arrived on scene at that time and Lt. Holmes advised me to go make contact with the victim at Waffle House.

Upon my arrival at Waffle House, I walked towards the entrance into the business. I observed a burgundy Mercury Mountaineer in the parking lot with the front passenger side door open. I noticed a large puddle of blood and several items on the ground outside the front passenger side door. The white female victim was not inside the vehicle. I continued walking towards the entrance and noticed several blood droplets between the vehicle and the entrance door into Waffle House. Once inside the door, I noticed several more blood droplets to a bench to the left of the cash register where a white female sat.

 At the white female's feet was a large puddle of blood. The white female was holding in her hand two white towels covered in blood. I noticed that the white female`s right eye was swollen shut and was beginning to turn a dark blue. I verified that EMS was en route and dispatch advised they were. I advised Lt. Holmes that the white female`s victim`s injuries appeared to be substantial and that she would definitely need to be transported to Archbold Emergency Room for further treatment.

I also requested that a patrol unit come to the scene to take photographs of the crime scene. I did not ask the white female victim any questions due to apparent injuries to her mouth. Lt. Holmes arrived on scene and began taking photographs of the crime scene. The Waffle House employees and customers that were on scene were telling me what happened. I advised them that I would give them a voluntary statement and they could write down what they saw and heard. At that time, I went to my vehicle and retrieved the voluntary statements. On my way back inside, I ran the tag on the burgundy Mercury Mountaineer (AXM1697).

Dispatch advised that the vehicle belonged to a Teresa White. The vehicle`s registration was active and valid and it was not reported to be stolen through the Georgia Crime Information Center. I handed out the voluntary statements to the employees at that time and they began writing their statements. Officer John Tucker transported the black male subject to intake.

EMS arrived on scene and stabilized the white female victim and she was transported to Archbold ER for further medical attention. Inside the vehicle a Georgia Driver`s License was located with the white female's photograph and matching and an address that matched the vehicle`s registration. The Driver`s License belonged to Teresa Kim White. This information confirmed the victim.

Lt. Holmes contacted the on call Criminal Investigations Division Investigator Vince Ponder and informed him on the incident. The voluntary statements were collected and turned over to Lt. Holmes. I spoke with the manager of the Waffle House over the telephone about collecting the surveillance and he advised that he would provide it to the investigator but he would need assistance in collecting it.

 I advised him that the investigator would assist him with collecting the video. White's Mercury Mountaineer was secured and left on scene at Waffle House. The employees advised that it would be fine where it was parked.

Officer Surles observed the subject and he fled inside of the Walmart where he was taken in to custody without incident. Officer`s Baggett and Dunn responded to the scene where the victim later identified as Ms. Teresa White was and quickly requested EMS to be in route. Upon my arrival at Walmart, the suspect was handcuffed and laying face down on the floor.

He was sweating profusely and hands were bloody. I also observed that the subject had on some very large rings. He was helped up and placed under arrest. I then relocated to the Waffle House to observe the victim and the scene. Upon my arrival at the scene, I observed a large pool of blood droplets on the ground at the passenger door of a Maroon in color 2002 Mercury Mountaineer. The passenger door was still open and their also items such as cigarette packs, some kind of knob that had been broken in the vehicle, and a broken female's costume ring. I also observed blood drops on the parking curb in front of the vehicle and drops leading in to the Waffle House.

I then observed the victim as she sat inside the restaurant holding a very bloody towel to her right Jaw over a large laceration. There was also a large amount of blood on the floor of the scene. I photographed the scene and the victim's injuries and saved them to the O Drive under Accident Incident Photos and the case number of 201305436.

Upon further investigation, the on call CID Detective Vince Ponder was contacted and advised that the victim possibly had a broken Jaw or orbital Bone and was the victim of an Aggravated Battery. Detective Ponder then advised that he would be responding to meet with the victim at the ER. While still at the scene, witnesses explained how the victim was dragged from the restaurant against her will by the suspect and forced in to the passenger seat of the car. She was then violently beaten and then pulled from the vehicle by her legs and then dragged on the pavement.

I then responded to the ER to follow up with the victim. Prior to leaving, Officer Tucker advised me that he would need EMS to respond to the jail in reference to the suspect complaining about pain to his arm and a possible broken hand. Upon my arrival at the ER, I was contacted by Sgt. Brock and advised that the suspect's hand would need be X-Rayed to tell if it may be broken. I then advised him to have Officer Tucker transport him to the ER to be treated.

While at the ER I took another photograph of the victim's injuries, and advised Detective Ponder of the fact that the witnesses were describing a Kidnapping due to the victim being removed from one location to another against her will. The victim was in no condition to give further statements so the investigation concluded. The suspect was treated and returned to the Thomas County Jail.

Wayne Wright was charged with Aggravated Battery, Kidnapping, Obstruction of Officer an Possession of Marijuana Less than an Ounce.

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