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Florida paces police chase through three counties

A Tallahassee woman is in jail tonight after leading cops on a chase through three different counties spanning over 30 miles. 49-year-old Deborah Lucas, was pulled over after leaving a known drug area in South Main in Moultri.

They say Lucas proceeded to take them on a chase that ran through Colquitt, Thomas and Brooks Counties. Drug Task Force commander Steve Exum says the plan to have her stopped never put the public at risk

"Deputies of Thomas and Colquitt Counties initiated a road block to her to reduce speed and force her off the road to get it stopped," Exum said. "There was no contact when driving but the deputies had to force her off road to get her to stop. At any point, we see that it was going to endanger the public's life, the chase would have been called off."

Drug Task force commander Steve Exum says there has long been a problem with people coming from Florida, selling and buying drugs in Southwest Georgia

"We deal with it quite often, out of town, out of state," Exum said. "Maybe proximity, maybe they got introduced by a friend, maybe the internet nowadays."

Lucas faces at least 6 charges in Colquitt County including, possession of drug paraphernalia and a handful of traffic charges. The bond has been set for just over $3,000 at Colquitt County Jail.

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