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Albany woman finds child wandering busy road in middle of night


An East Albany three year old child is spotted walking alone at two o-clock Friday morning along Radium Springs Road. An Albany day care center director says it's just luck that she saw her in time.

Cecilia Jenkins saw 3 year-old Rayshon Henderson near the Burger King on Radium Spring Road and called Albany Police. 12 officers spread out across the nearby neighborhoods, wailing their sirens to wake up the neighbors and find the girl's mother. The girl's mother 36 year old Lawanda Henderson, said the girl opened the door at their Vick Street home and slipped out while the rest of the family slept.

Barefoot, and wearing only shorts and a tank top, the three year was about 6 blocks from home when Jenkins and her son spotted her.

"She was right by Burger King," said Jenkins. "After the Burger King is Oakridge. Wide open. Tractor trailers. Thursday night. People leaving the clubs, drinking and driving. You know, all of that. So I was glad I did see her."

The child was returned safe to her family. No one was at the Henderson home Friday. Jenkins said she has not heard from the girl's family.

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