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Find Waldo in T'ville this month


He's usually hiding in a castle, at the beach, or any other location where he can't easily be found.

But for the rest of the month, Waldo will be hiding at 26 businesses in one south Georgia town. And prizes are in store for those who find him.

Grace and Claire Hatchell were not just shopping in Downtown Thomasville Friday, they were also on a mission.

"We've had a ton of kids come in every day and they think it's so fun and when they find him their face just lights up and they get to shop if they are older," said Mimi's Store Manager Emma Thompson.

The Hatchell's participated in the "Shop Waldo Local" campaign.

The main purpose is to promote small businesses, but Grace Hatchell has another motive.

"Because we get a free book if we can find him at all of the stores."

26 downtown merchants are participating in the campaign.

Including stores like Mimi's and Kathy's.

"It has brought a lot of people into our store who wouldn't normally come in because they are with their kids, but now that their kids have something to do, they come in and show and it has been fun for everyone," said Thompson.

"We're participating because it's something that Downtown Thomasville can do together. It brings people in. It brings people that possible have never been in our stores before," said Kathy's Owner, Kathy Murphy.

And the businesses say this program has led to an increase in sales.

"I did not participate in it last year and we really regretted it because I saw all the people walking by and looking in the stores to see if we have a Waldo sticker in the door. So this year it has been great," said Murphy.

"The summer months kind of slow down people go out of town and things like that. They have summer camps. But when they have something to do downtown, they definitely come downtown. So I think it is a great thing for downtown to do," said Thompson.

And Claire Hatchell says she is just enjoying the experience.

"It's fun looking for him."

After you find all 26 Waldos, your name is entered into a drawing for prizes which have been donated from the participating shops.

There's only a few more weeks left to participate. To start your Waldo hunt, pick up a "Where's Waldo" checklist from The Bookshelf on Broad Street in Thomasville. 

The drawing will be held July 27th.


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