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Grass outgrows money to cut it


Most homeowners know how quickly the grass is growing this summer, and how hard it is to keep it mowed.

Dougherty County public works officials say they're starting to receive complaints about high grass growth on roadways, but the tight county budget has no room for it. Now officials may have to ask for additional funding for another round of grass cutting.

County officials budgeted only one grass cut for the entire 300 miles of public property and roadways in Dougherty County, as they did last year.

During the drought that one cut was enough. But now grass like this on County Line Road and Hill Road is tall and thick. It was cut in May, but neighbors say it needs it again.

"With budget constraints it may be we may have to go back and ask for additional funding, as the rain continues to fall and the grass continues to grow," said Chucky Mathis said Dougherty Co. Public Works Deputy Director.

Dougherty County public works officials say they appreciate land owners who cut the grass along the roadways. This year they need all the help they can get.


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