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Wanted man caught in a deer stand

Thomas Linville was found hiding in some woods in Worth County Thomas Linville was found hiding in some woods in Worth County

Thomas Linville ran from Crisp County deputies Wednesday night, triggering a manhunt that started around nine o'clock. It ended Thursday afternoon when deputies found him hiding in some woods in Worth County.

After a long night of searching for , deputies caught up with him in Worth County this afternoon.

Deputies say Linville wasn't home last night when they went to serve a warrant for his arrest on aggravated assault and stalking charges.

"That's a very serious crime and there's nothing that says he won't try to carry out his plan," said Crisp Co. Sheriff Donnie Haralson.

After deputies left his home, they saw Linville driving his truck in Crisp County and tried to pull him over. "Deputies knowing the description of the vehicle and him, spotted him on 300 and turned around and gave chase he then fled into worth county," said Sheriff Haralson.

Haralson says Linville ran away and abandoned his truck in Worth County. A helicopter, search dogs, and deputies from Worth and Crisp Counties searched for the man they described as dangerous.

"He knows what he has done, so the fact that he's running so hard and trying to avoid us makes us realizes that's he's very desperate," said Sheriff Haralson.

Linville was found hiding in a deer stand off Highway 33 in northern Worth County about three o'clock Thursday afternoon. He was taken back to Crisp County and charged.

In addition to those initial charges, Thomas Linville will also be charged with eluding police and several traffic violations. The Georgia State Patrol and Turner County Sheriff's Office also assisted in the search.

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