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Valdosta woman catches burglar in home


A homeless man is in jail tonight after he was caught inside a woman's home. The woman was home at the time, and her quick actions helped put him behind bars.

Lavada Ham was inside her home playing video games Wednesday afternoon when she heard a loud bang. "When I got to my bedroom door I saw him taking the screen out the window and when I saw him taking the screen out the window I bolted."

She grabbed her cell phone and hid on her back porch. "I was very scared because I know I can't run, I can't run."

Ham suffers from cerebral palsy and says she was defenseless. But she had an attack plan. If the man came outside she'd unleash her pit bull. "That was my plan; that was my only weapon, was my dog Gabriel."

She quickly called 911 and says the dispatcher helped save her life. "She asked me was he in the house and I said 'yes he is in the house.' I told her I hear him walking in the living room and when I said that she told me to be quiet."

Minutes later Valdosta Police arrived and found homeless man 44-year-old Michael Moore inside her home going through her jewelry and purse. Police arrested Moore and found cocaine and a crack pipe on him.

"If I had a million dollars a day, I'd donate it to the police station and to the dispatcher that talked to me on the phone."

Ham says she's traumatized by thankful she's alive.

Moore is in the Lowndes County jail tonight charged with burglary and cocaine possession.

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