Viewpoint: Run or Gun Program

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - I know you have seen on our news, dash camera video of the numerous and dangerous car chases in our area.

Criminals take off at high speed, and brake every traffic law in the book, to try and elude capture, when confronted by police. This problem is growing, and these criminals are risking the lives of Law Enforcement, as well as the public, along the way.

We are very pleased to see our District Attorney Greg Edwards, address this issue head -on, announcing to, vigorously prosecute, anyone who endangers lives, while trying to elude capture.

D. A. Greg Edwards said, "We're going to recommend that you don't get a bond, and that you don't get out of jail pre-trial because again you've already demonstrated that you are dangerous to the community with this type of conduct."

This "Run or Gun" initiative adds felony counts of every crime committed during the chase. It also acts to seize cars, homes, weapons, or other assets used in the crime.

We certainly hope that this more aggressive approach, will reduce the number of dangerous car chases.