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Albany gets an economic boost from its two schools

Tracy Goode (Dean of Institutional Advancement) Tracy Goode (Dean of Institutional Advancement)
Clifford Porter (VP of Institutional Advancement) Clifford Porter (VP of Institutional Advancement)

The Albany area gets an economic jolt every year from its two schools that are part of the University System of Georgia.  That impact is growing.  And Darton and Albany State leaders are proud of what their schools do for the community  

"To be seen as an economic engine is a very humbling and exciting thing for Darton State College," said Tracy Goode, Dean of Institutional Advancement, Darton State College.  

"We have really done a good job and hopefully benefited a lot of families across this region," said Clifford Porter, VP of Institutional Advancement, Albany State University.  

During the last fiscal year, Darton State College's economic impact to our region was 135 million dollars, an increase of 16 million over the previous year. 

Albany State's impact jumped 8 million to 156 million dollars.    

The owner of Quick Copy appreciates being close to Albany State. ASU students help keep her business alive  

"It helps a lot, that was one of my reasons why I chose this location. Right across the street from Albany State, they come through to use all the different various businesses within the shopping center and it helps," said Lisa Bussey, Owner of Quick Copy.  

Clifford Porter with Albany State and Tracy Goode with Darton State want their institutions to continue to expand, because they know the growth will strengthen Southwest Georgia's economy.  

"As enrollment grows there is a requirement that we have to have more faculty and staff, and those folks are spending money in the community buying homes, purchasing cars, it really is a great reciprocal effect from the university," said Porter.  

"We want to continue to be strong and a viable part of our community," said Goode.  

And continue to keep Southwest Georgia strong.

The full study with data for all 31 USG institutions is available at /documents/usg_impact_fy2012.pdf

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