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Albany Early College searching for new location


A program that gives high school students a jump start on college needs a new home.

The Dougherty County School System wants to move the Albany Early College from the Albany State University campus to save money, but so far they haven't found a suitable new location.

Interim Superintendent Dr. David Mosely says he's looking at options to move the almost 400 students to a new spot before school starts.

"We need to move from Albany State. However we need this move to be smooth transition in a housing that is comparable to the student body, comfortable to the student body," said Mosley.

Mosely says the first option was Albany High School. The school has some available classrooms, but it's still not enough space. So they went back to the drawing board.

Sylvester Road Elementary may be an option but tons of renovations will have to be made and they may not be ready in time for school.

"That school will have to be retrofitted from small children to the upper level and high school children," said Mosley.

Mosely says he's keeping the staff and students in mind with the move. He also says the move from Albany State will save the school system thousands of dollars.

"I rather do something right if it takes longer, than to do it in a rush," said Mosley.

The school board started looking at options last month. Mosley says they have no concrete plan and these options are still on the table.

"We just have to stay where we are and just bite the bullet and do what we got to do to educate those children," said Mosely.

Mosely says he will consider other locations if they're ready and available before school start. If not, the program will stay at ASU for now.

Dr. Mosely says Early College does not get Title 1 grant money.  It's funded by local money. If they move from Albany State, the school system could save almost $400,000 a year.

The school system has a contract with Albany State to keep the program on their campus for three more years.


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