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Balloons will fly for drunk driving victims


One Hundred balloons will float into the skies of Colquitt county this week in memory of  victims killed by drunk driving.

MADD joined one South Georgia victim's family and law enforcers years ago to remember the life of 19-year-old William Fields who lost his life in 1994.

They now gather every year at the Colquitt County Justice Center to bring awareness to the dangers of impaired driving.

"You have the option to not get behind the wheel and that decision could ruin your life and someone elses.It may never be your intention," said Jill Smith, MADD volunteer. "You've just got to ask yourself if that is something you can live with."

William Benjamin Fields was killed by a repeat offender of drunk driving while he was on his way to buy a birthday present for his mom. His family now wants to make sure people are aware of the danger, so no one has to go through the same painful loss.

The event is now held around Fields birthday each year  to remember all victims who have lost their lives to impaired driving.

Fields' mother and the Director of the Governor's office of Highway Safety will be the speakers before this year's balloon release.

MADD volunteers say their hope is that the event brings recognition to how a driver's one decision can impact so many people's lives.

"Any impaired driver, whether they be sleepy, whether they be on drugs or alcohol, can take a life and it can happen so quickly," said Smith.

Organizers are hoping more than just the victim's family's will show up this year and years to come, so they bring more awareness.

The balloons will be released at the Colquitt County Justice Center in Moultrie at 10 AM this Saturday.

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