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Vigil held for three high school athletes killed

Coach Freeman Coach Freeman

People came together tonight in Quitman to mourn the loss of three star athletes.  

"Kid could play some football, just very talented, could run, very talkative, had a lot of fun, strong in the weight room, just a high motored kid," said Maurice Freeman, football coach, Brooks County High School.  

Around 9:30 this morning four Brooks County High School football players were leaving practice when the car they were in slammed into a tree on Webster Road not far from the school, leaving three dead and one critically injured.  

"So I was probably one minute behind them and I drove up to the scene when it happened," said Freeman.  

When Coach Freeman arrived at the scene he didn't think it was an accident.  

"I thought the guys were clowning cause some of them were out of their cars, just kind of walking around like they was clowning, so I got out fussing and all of a sudden you could tell some tragedy that had happened," said Freeman.  

Coach Freeman lost players who were more than athletes, but were like his sons.  

"We spent a lot of time even outside of the school, we spent time together, he was just like a child to me," said Freeman.  

But although there was a loss, this isn't bringing the school spirit down.  

"My seniors have said coach we want to play and we want play in their honor and we want to do the best we can as we have always have done," said Freeman.  

And with school pride, the community will continue to press on, remembering three teens who played football so well.

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