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APD works toward accreditation

"They are doing their best," Susan Stinson said. "They are doing their best," Susan Stinson said.
"I'm glad to have them be a part of downtown," said Duke Johnson. "I'm glad to have them be a part of downtown," said Duke Johnson.

How does the Albany Police Department compare to other police departments around the country and the world? 

It will soon be judged by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, an international body that sets professional standards for law enforcement.

Albany Police commanders want to show the public they can have confidence in them. And August 5th the community is asked to share their opinions on their police with the commission.

 The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies has established 480 standards, on everything from policy and procedures to relationships with other agencies to test just how professional a police force truly is.  Albany Police have been getting ready for a year for their assessment. 

  "It insures the community that their police department in the United States or around the world, that's accredited.  We meet the same standards as anybody else that's of any size," said APD Deputy Chief Mark Scott.

Part of the commission's assessment, inviting the community to give their feelings on the police department.  That will be held August 5th, at 6 P.M. at the Law Enforcement Center. 

 "To really speak about their feelings about the officers that are out there everyday, doing their jobs. And doing what they can to protect the citizens of this community,"  said Accreditation Manager Sonya Johnson.

We asked a number of people this morning how they think the Albany Police compare to other city's law enforcement.

  "I'm glad to have them be a part of downtown.  Me dealing around the Albany Police Department, they some great people. Great people," said Duke Johnson.

"I think they compare with the other police departments pretty well.  I think they are doing a terrific job," said Melvin Loman.

But Gwendolyn Wesley said APD won't will stack up well. "They won't.  They won't stand a chance.  They won't stand a chance."

 "They are doing their best," Susan Stinson said.  "They are up against quite a bit, but they are doing their best."

 "Everything that is going on, it seems like the police department to me is doing what they are supposed to be doing. They are doing their job," Timara Washington said.

The Albany Police Department is volunteering to undergo this accreditation review, to see how they stack up against other agencies and continue to improve.

The community is invited to come give their feelings on the Albany Police in this accreditation review August 5th at 6 PM at the Law Enforcement Center downtown

This is the first time the Albany Police Department has ever gone through this accreditation process.


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