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Family seeking help after losing everything in Ben Hill Co. fire


A Ben Hill County family has lost everything in a house fire, including their dogs. Now the family is asking for help, as they try to rebuild.

The fire began early Sunday morning and engulfed the home before firefighters arrived.

Hurt says they had lived in the home on Player Cemetery Road for more than 30 years.  Now all that's left are memories.

She had been living with her son and family friend, David Champion, who heard a noise around 5 a.m. Sunday.

"I got up to see what they were barking at, and we have a curtain over the entrance way to the living room and when I pulled it back, all I could see was smoke and the orange flames in there, says Champion, "then the heat hit me instantly."

The fire spread quickly.

"when I busted out her window it instantly started coming down the hall."
  Servenure, who has a hard time getting around, was practically carried out her bedroom window as she was trying to save her dogs.

"I tried to push and my foot kept sliding and I thought well, Lord I'm going to burn up with them," recalls Servenure. "And I said 'David I can't.'"

She did manage to get out, along with one of their dogs, but six other animals died. 

"The hardest part was going out and leaving my little dogs inside," says Servenure.  "When you get [to] my age, your dogs are your children."

"She had two more in there but it was getting so bad we had to pull her out," recalls Servenure's son Anthony. "I thought they would jump out with us, but they didn't."

Firefighters arrived as the flames quickly moved through the home and over to their van.

They were all able to make it out but six dogs died in the fire.

The Red Cross is providing a place to stay for two nights, now they have to stay with family members. "We need everything, it's just up to the people," says Servenure Hurt.

Hurt had no insurance on the home.

"My dad was taking care of it, says Anthony, "but he passed [away] a year ago. We thought the bank was taking it out automatically, but we found out that the insurance lapsed on it."

Anthony Hurt says they believe the fire was electrical.

The First Assembly of God in Fitzgerald is accepting donations for the family.   You can call them at 229-423-5960 or go to their Facebook page, just log onto Facebook and type in "Fitzgerald First Assembly of God."


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