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Fire department prepared for train catastrophe


Here in Albany trains often past through town, but what if one of the trains coming through Southwest Georgia did what the train in Quebec did?  

An out of control train carrying oil derailed and exploded in Quebec, Canada killing more than a dozen people and destroying at least 40 buildings.  

"What do you think about this picture? Yeah, that's a bad situation; there are a lot of lives at stake there. Have you ever seen anything like that before? Not that large of a scale, we've seen instance close to that but not that large," said Albany Firefighter.  

Albany firefighters are prepared to handle a situation similar to the one in Quebec, if ever a train derailed and ignited or spilled dangerous contents in Albany.  

"With the equipment on this trailer, we should be able to handle any type of hazardous material release or spill," said Albany Firefighter.  

Some of the equipment on the trailer includes gadgets to inform fire officials about the certain chemicals that are around them while out in the field, as well as suits for protection, marked at different levels depending on the severity of the situation they are about to step into. Fire officials believe this is a benefit for them  

"By having number one the trained personnel available to operate the equipment on this truck and having the equipment immediately available to us, whatever the situation may. If there is equipment on this trailer that we can use, then we'll have it available to us immediately," said Albany firefighter.  

The reason for having this equipment is very simple  

"You hope it never happens anywhere in your community or to any community for that matter." 

But they know they must be prepared in case it does.

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