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Veterans: American Flag is a symbol of our country


As this Fourth of July weekend comes to a close many folks will be taking down their patriotic items including flags. Some veterans are stressing the importance of what the American flag means and how to properly take care of it.

On Independence Day weekend, more American flags are flying than usual. Some Albany citizens say the flags should be seen as a symbol and not just a decorative cloth.

"We tend to fly more flags on those holidays. But every day is Flag Day as far as I'm concerned," said Marvin Mixon, American Legion Post 30.

Recently a picture was published showing the American flag hanging incorrectly. Vietnam veteran John Griffin says more care should be taken when displaying the flag.  He says the only time a flag should hang upside down is in a time of distress.

"It's not just the military service. It is the symbol of this country and the things that this country provides for us. But in turn we need to provide for this country," said veteran John Griffin.

Mixon at the American Legion says the flag should never touch the ground and should always stand taller than any other. Mixon says there are options to if a person wants to give away a flag.

"The only way to properly retire a flag is to burn it or bury it. It should not be wadded up and thrown in the trash can," said Marvin Mixon.

John Griffin hangs his flag on his porch often.

"I put it out when the weather is good. I try to take it down when the weather is bad. I take it down at night because it's not lit. It's not an icon or idol. It's just a symbol of this country," said John Griffin.

A symbol of those who have sacrificed their lives for our liberty and freedom.

The American Legion says if anyone has a flag they want to get rid of, you can drop your flag off and they will properly dispose of it by burning the flag and burying the ashes. 

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