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Securing your pet properly could prevent injuries

Shelby Mathis (Pets& Pals store associate) Shelby Mathis (Pets& Pals store associate)

The national highway traffic safety administration says cell phones are the top distraction for motorists.  But did you know that your pets can be considered a distraction as well?

Shelby Mathis works at Pets & Pals in Albany, and is a pet lover just like many other South Georgians.  

"Yes I love dogs very much, I love animals," said Shelby Mathis, Pets & Pals, store associate.  

But she recognizes that safety is important when traveling with her four legged friends.  

"When I'm traveling I always make sure that I secure my dog, I never leave him in a locked car," said Mathis.  

Shelby knows firsthand of what happens when you don't properly secure your pup.   

"I had a brother and a sister who were traveling through the state and they got in an accident and it hurt their dog," said Mathis.  

While her brother's dog was severely injured, he's ok.   

"That's why it's important to make sure you safely secure your dog, you make sure that he can't get access to the front seat or anything like that just to make sure they are in a safe position when riding and traveling," said Mathis.  

It's important to put your dog in a car booster seat to prevent major injuries while traveling.

"We actually offer safety seats and what they do it they hook around a dog like a harness, like a regular body harness and you just hook it to the seat belt like normal," said Mathis.  

And if you follow these steps, in the event of major crash, your furry pal will be ok.

If you would like to purchase a booster seat for your pet you can contact Pets & Pals at 229-436-0453 or visit your nearest pet store.

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