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Storms damage Worth County pecan farm


Thunderstorms have swept through much of South Georgia over the past few days.   And now  some pecan farmers are cleaning up a costly mess after more than a dozen trees tumbled to the ground.

Dave Green, who's father owns this pecan farm in Worth County, says they lost nearly 15 trees this evening because of the wet and stormy weather. He hopes they'll be able to save the ones that are slightly damaged. But the ones that are uprooted are a complete loss.

"Well it cuts down on pecans we have to sell when it comes down to it. Got about an inch and a half of rain real quick and I guess straight lined winds came through and took down all these pecan trees," said Green.

A nearby power line also fell over on someone else's property.

Green says they'll begin cleaning up Saturday.  He says they will hopefully be able to plant new trees where the other ones were destroyed.


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