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MCLB furloughs begin today


The Marine Base announced Friday afternoon that MCLB Albany will begin furloughing civilian employees on Monday, July 8, 2013.

For base employees, the standard furlough day will be each Monday from July 8 through Sept. 16.

 In a news release, the base said that the exception, due to the Labor Day holiday, is that two furlough days will be taken on Monday, Aug. 26 and Friday, Aug. 30.

Tenant commands aboard the base may have differing schedules.  The Naval Branch Health Clinic civilian employees will be furloughed on Mondays as well.

The chart below is provided to assist customers in determining what services will be affected. If an organization is not listed below, normal support and hours should be expected, i.e. the Marine Corps Exchange and base restaurant, etc.

The one significant expectation is that the Commissary will be closed on Tuesdays during the furlough period, meaning those services will be available to authorized patrons Wednesday through Saturday only. Generally speaking the first nine services affect all base patrons, to include retirees, while the remaining ones affect base and tenant employees.








Primary Care/Clinical Support

Limited services on Furlough days 


Military and contractor staff will continue to see patients; however, available appointments will be limited on Mondays.


Health Benefits Advisors 

Limited services on Furlough days

Military staff and TRICARE representatives will assist eligible beneficiaries, if possible.




Closed on Furlough days

Computers are available at Base Education and Marine & Family Programs for customers to check emails and to access the internet


Relocation Assistant Program Manager & Retiree Assistant

Closed on Furlough days


Schedule Tuesday-Friday


Pass & ID

Closed on Furlough days

Acquire visitor pass from front gate sentry. Schedule appointments Tuesday- Friday


Fishing & Hunting license issuing

Closed on Furlough days

Schedule Tuesday -Friday


Game Warden

Closed on Furlough days

Schedule Tuesday -Friday



Closed Tuesdays

Open Wednesday - Saturday


Johnson road gate

Closed on Furlough days

Use main gate


Industrial Hygiene 

Closed on Furlough days

Schedule Tuesday-Friday



Closed on Furlough days 

Shop Tuesday-Friday


Garrison Supply Branch                   

Limited Services on Furlough days 

Schedule Tuesday-Friday


Garrison Mobile Equipment               


Closed on Furlough days. No vehicle fleet support, no customer support, no dispatch support

Pick up vehicles the Friday before for Monday requirements.


Distribution Management Office                  

Minimum support w/Marines. No appointments will be scheduled on Mondays.


Schedule Tuesday-Friday


CISD Help Desk

Closed on Furlough days

Minimal Marine and contractor staffing for emergency IT/Telecomm services


Public Works Trouble Calls                   

Limited response on Furlough days

Duty phone manned by military, emergencies will be responded to by contract employees


Billeting & Barracks

Limited Services on Furlough days

Check-ins to be performed by contract employees and military.


Payroll Liaison

Closed on Furlough days

Schedule Tuesday-Friday


Budget Support

Closed on Furlough days

Schedule Tuesday-Friday


Accounting Support

Closed on Furlough days

Schedule Tuesday-Friday


Check Deposits (payments to government)

Closed on Furlough days

Schedule Tuesday-Friday


Occupational Medicine and Health

Closed on Furlough days

Schedule Tuesday-Friday


Public Affairs Office

Limited services on Furlough days

Minimal Marine staffing

It is possible that additional customer and family services delays may also occur.  Additionally, sequestration budgetary challenges have increased the costs of some services (e.g., barber shops and certain seasonal swimming pools).  Finally, these scheduled closures and periods of reduced hours are subject to change based on future fiscal decisions made by the federal government.

Starting the week of July 8, there will be one less day a week to shop at the Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany Commissary.

"The commissary at the base will be closed every Tuesday for 11 consecutive weeks beginning the week of July 8 in accordance with a furlough plan enacted by the Defense Commissary Agency," Cynthia Blair, store director, said.

The change comes as the DoD faces automatic cuts to the federal budget across most departments and agencies due to sequestration, which took effect March 1. 

"Since the base commissary is usually closed on Mondays anyway, we are using Tuesdays as our mandated furlough day," Blair said.

Blair said she will continue to work with suppliers to ensure customers are able to find the same in-store selections despite the additional day closing.

"Being closed one day a week for 11 consecutive weeks will require adjustments by our shoppers, suppliers and employees," Blair pointed out. "We still expect to continue providing a great commissary benefit that's worth the trip."


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