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Judge denies Zimmerman lawyers' motion for acquittal

Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin's mother, said a cry for help heard on a 911 call came from her son. (Source: CNN) Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin's mother, said a cry for help heard on a 911 call came from her son. (Source: CNN)

SANFORD, FL (RNN) - The judge in the George Zimmerman trial denied a motion for acquittal Friday following the prosecution resting its case.

In a relatively common move, Mark O'Mara asked Judge Debra Nelson to throw the case out and presented multiple cases as precedent. He said nothing the state presented removed any reasonable doubt that Zimmerman acted in self defense.

The motion and the prosecution's counter argument lasted for more than an hour, and the case resumed after Nelson made her ruling.

The prosecution called more than 30 witnesses in total, ranging from family members to law enforcement to medical experts.

Earlier in the day, medical examiner Shiping Bao gave his account of the autopsy on Trayvon Martin's body. Bao estimated that the bullet that killed the 17-year-old entered through his chest, and Trayvon likely suffered for one to 10 minutes before dying.

Both Martin's mother and Zimmerman's mother took the witness stand. Sybrina Fulton said she believed it was her son Trayvon's voice screaming for help on a 911 call from the night of his death.

She appeared shaken as the call recording was played in the courtroom. When asked who she thought the person heard in the background was, she replied "Trayvon Benjamin Martin."

Defense attorney Mark O'Mara cross-examined after prosecutors finished their questioning. He asked if she hoped her son had nothing to do with his own death.

"What I hope for was that this would have never happened, and he would still be here," Fulton said. "That's my hope."

Jahvaris Fulton also said it sounded like his little brother. He recognized "the yelling and the screaming" as Trayvon, according to his testimony.

O'Mara asked him why he said he wasn't sure who it was when he heard it before from a reporter. Jahvaris Fulton replied he was in shock the first time the call was played for him.

George Zimmerman's mother Gladys Zimmerman countered that claim, saying she is certain it was her son's voice on the tape screaming for help, "because he's my son."

On a previous day, an FBI voice analyst said the recording was not clear enough for him to make an analysis. However, he said the best way to determine who called for help was to ask someone who knew the person.

On Feb. 26, 2012, Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer, shot and killed Trayvon, 17. Zimmerman said he was forced to fire his weapon in self defense.

The victim was unarmed. The incident drew national attention when Zimmerman, 29, was not charged with a crime for nearly a month after the shooting.

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