Viewpoint: DCSS and its pay

A 300% raise for a public official is ridiculous anytime, under any circumstance. But that's what Dougherty County School Board members recently voted for themselves.

They are underpaid. Their $250 monthly stipend is paltry when compared board members in similar sized school systems.

But on the same day they voted 4 to 3 to quadruple that stipend, they approved a budget that CUTS the pay of teachers by ordering them to take five unpaid days off from work next school year.

This same board also recently closed three schools because the system is too strapped to pay to keep them open.

Will the pay raise break the budget? Of course it won't. Is it arrogant and inappropriate for Darrel Ealum, James Bush, Milton Griffin, and Velvet Riggins to give themselves such as drastic raise when money is so tight?

Of course it is.

It won't go into effect without the approval of the General Assembly. We can only hope state lawmakers won't rubber stamp the raise.

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