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Worth Co. prepares for heavy floods

James Miller's home James Miller's home

Heavy rainfall is expected in Southwest Georgia over the next few days.  And it's important for those who live near flood prone areas take certain safety precautions to keep your family and your home safe.  

 One creek and its streams on Willow Road brings back a ton of memories for Sylvester resident James Miller.  

"It's amazing to look at it now, what use to be a home, now it's no home," said James Miller, Sylvester resident.  

Years ago, a home once stood in this neighborhood off Willow Road, but mother nature took a turn for the worse. 

"Well after several times of the creek coming up and the front of the door step would have sand bags around, water still managed to lap into the door," said Miller.  

Miller is fortunate to live in a house that can withstand flooding, which is common in this part of Worth County.  

"My wife and I and family are about eight of mile from here on high ground," said Miller.  

While Miller may be fortunate, some are not. Fire officials say if you live near a creek or in an area where you experience flooding, it's important to get sand bags to protect you and your family.  

"Distribute 20 at a time and they're more than welcome to come get more, we ask them to pay close attention to packing them around the front door and the rear door and garage doors to keep the water from coming in," said Thomas Whittington, EMA Director.  

So ultimately you can be safe.  

"It's all about safety, because if your yard floods, you don't know exactly where that driveway is, where the cover is, and if you step off into the wrong place, the water could suck you under that cover"  

And to keep you out of harm's way, Worth County Emergency Management officials will be keeping a close watch on weather conditions as flooding potentials increase.

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