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Decatur Co. signs inmate labor agreement with Cairo


In less than a week, a low cost work crew will begin cleaning up the Syrup City.

At the last Decatur County commission meeting, the board agreed to send an inmate work crew to the City of Cairo from the county prison.

And Warden Elijah McCoy says both parties will greatly benefit.

The Decatur County Prison inmate pictured to the right is cutting the grass just outside of the warden's office.

Others will soon perform similar tasks.

"Whatever the city government wants done unless it is on government property. Such as mowing grass, washing city vehicles, things of that nature," said McCoy.

McCoy says the inmate labor contract with the city of Cairo starts on Monday.

The warden says this labor agreement will not only benefit the city of Cairo, but also the inmates doing the work.

"It gives them a sense of dignity that they can get out, work, learn some type of a trade such as operate tractors and the zero turn lawn mowers."

McCoy says the city of Cairo will save thousands of dollars a year with this crew.

"You're getting a 12 man crew at no cost at all other than the correction officer that you have money and time and labor into the correction officer, but the 12 inmates is no cost at all."

But not any inmate can be part of these crews.

"They are minimum security inmates and they will be supervised by a certified correction officer by the state of Georgia," said McCoy.

The proposal says the city of Cairo will pay Decatur County about $46,000 a year for the work crew.

McCoy says this will financially benefit the county because it only costs about $34,000 a year to pay a correction officer's salary and benefits.

The City of Cairo will handle all costs other than the correction officer. This includes vehicles, equipment, and on-site medical expenses.


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