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Residents want kids in house after dark


Some Americus residents are asking police for help when it comes to keeping children off the streets.

Monday night some voiced their concerns about the number of young people who are out after dark. 

Lorena Josey, who lives on Winn street in Americus, is worried about children in her neighborhood.  

"You can't sleep over that way because all night long they up and down the road or whatever or whatever out in front of your door, a lot of noise and stuff, and you wondering why those kids not at home in the bed that time of the night," said Lorena Josey, concerned citizen.  

She says many kids are out during the night and even into the morning.  

"2, 3, 4 o' clock, 5 o' clock in the morning, you can look out your window or door anytime of the night, you see kids up and down the road," said Josey.  

 Josey voiced her concerns at the neighborhood watch meeting Monday night. 

She's concerned about these children being out not just because of the noise, but mainly for their safety.  

"Anything can happen, they a little girl out, anything can happen they can get raped or something or somebody can do something to them or take them off, you will never see them no more, they can come up missing," said Josey.  

The Americus Police Department is working hard to keep the kids off the streets late at night, because in the end it keeps the whole community safe.  

"Our curfew we would like to keep them off the streets, 11 o' clock depending on their age, if their 16 and under they need to be at home" said Brown, Seargent, Americus Police Department.  

Authorities have seen a decrease in crime amongst young people after they enacted a curfew policy.  

"The numbers are down, you're not seeing a whole lot of kids breaking into things, that nature," said Brown.  

And Americus Police are working hard everyday to keep those numbers down.  

"We have to keep them consistent, we don't want to let up, because if you let up, you stop doing it, you might see an increase, we want to keep it down like we have it," said Brown.  

So in the end everyone is safe, including your children. If you spot children out after 11 o'clock at night you're asked to call the Americus Police Department.

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