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Man arrested for stealing AC units from windows


A Thomasville man is in custody after Police say he was caught in the middle of a burglary.

Thomasville Police officers first responded to the call of a theft of a washing machine on Friday around 8:00 a.m.

According to a report, they found a man on Young Street pushing two air conditioners.

An initial investigation revealed that the two air conditioners had been taken from the windows of a residence.

Owners of the home verified the air conditioners were those missing from their windows.

Roger E. Davis, 51, was arrested and charged with one count of burglary. He has been placed in the Thomas County Jail on a $5,100 bond.


Below is the Officer report provided by the Thomasville Police Department:

On Friday, June 28, 2013 at 0816 hours, I Officer Humphries responded to 514 N Young St in reference to theft of a washing machine. While en route Sgt. Powers was able to make contact with and detain a suspect whom matched the description of the suspect given by the complainant to dispatch.

I made contact with Ms. Glynda Lovejoy in front of 514 N Young St. Ms. Lovejoy advised me she was walking down N Young St this morning at 0810 hours when she observed a black male subject on the porch of 514 N Young St. Lovejoy stated he was covering up something he had taken from the house.

Lovejoy stated the house was empty because a tree had fallen on it several weeks ago. Lovejoy stated whatever it was it was hooked up to a dolly that had been sitting on the porch for some time. Ms. Lovejoy said she thought he went in the house through the window in the front because it had not been open until today. Lovejoy described the man as a black male wearing a blue shirt and black pants.

Lovejoy stated as she passed the house the suspect said good morning to her and continued wrapping the item with a cover. Ms. Lovejoy stated she watched from her house 524 N Young St as the suspect exited the property onto the street. Ms. Lovejoy said he looked up and down the street to see if anyone was watching before leaving on foot traveling West down Calhoun St. Lovejoy could not advised me of the property owners name. I left the scene and met with Sgt. Powers at N Madison St at it`s intersection with W Calhoun St. I did observe a suspect matching the exact description given by Ms. Lovejoy.

He identified himself a Mr. Roger Davis of 117 Bennett St. Davis told me he did not break into the house and then said the air conditioners were stacked up in the yard of the residence. Mr. Davis did have in his possession two frigidaire air conditioning window units. Davis had been carrying the unit with a small hand cart.

 Davis stated "I didn't`t steal anything the air conditioners were just sitting there". Davis who was already handcuffed was advised he was just being detained at the time until my investigation was complete. I allowed Davis to have a seat in the back of my patrol vehicle.

After Sgt. Powers spoke with CID he advised me to go ahead and place Davis under arrest for Larceny. I advised Davis at this time he was under arrest for Larceny which could be changed to Burglary pending on the finding of the investigation. Davis was then moved from my patrol vehicle to Officer Davis' for transport to the Thomas County Jail. After arriving back on scene at 514 N Young St, I made contact with the last known tenant, Ms. Gloria Coleman.

 Ms. Coleman advised me she moved out three weeks ago due to a tree falling on the house. Coleman stated the two window units were in the house on June 27, 2013 at 1400 hours because she came by to check on the house. Coleman then showed me the two windows from which the air conditioning units were removed from. Both windows were in the up position.

One window was in the front of the house facing N Young St and the other in the rear of the home on the opposite end. The front door to the home was locked. Ms. Coleman told me the landlord of he house was a guy name Ricky and gave me his cell phone number. I was able to make contact with Ricky Aldridge who advised me he is the property manager for the owner Mr. Grady Hatcher.

 Aldridge advised me he has power of attorney because Hatcher is ill. Aldridge could not advise me the value of the window units and said they had been in the home for a long time. Aldridge stated he did not know the actual value of the units but estimated them to be around one hundred and fifty dollars each.

Aldridge stated he knew the air conditioners were in the home on June 27, 2013 as well because he comes by everyday to check on the place. Detective Newberry responded to the scene. CSI Hickman also arrived on scene. The crime scene was turned over to those units at that point. The victim was given a crime victim's bill of rights.


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