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Man admits trying to burglarize Fish & Grits store

John Nestale Jr. admitted that he tried to break into Jonah's Fish And Grits John Nestale Jr. admitted that he tried to break into Jonah's Fish And Grits

Before dawn Saturday morning, Thomasville Police officer James A. Schimnky says that John Nestale Jr. admitted that he tried to break into Jonah's Fish And Grits on East  Jackson Street in Thomasville.

In his report, Schimnky said that he saw a van improperly parked behind the Fish store, and then saw Nestale getting into the vehicle.

As Schimnky drove up to the van, the man got out with his hands raised and told him that he tried to break into the business.

Here is the officer's official report, provided by the Thomasville Police Department:

On Saturday, June 29, 2013 at 0532 hours while in my vehicle checking the downtown area of the Alpha Beat, I observed a blue in color, Dodge Caravan (MI tag# BGX4023) improperly parked in the parking area directly behind Jonah's Fish And Grits (107 E Jackson St).

As I was looking at the vehicle, I observed a white male walk from the alley way that lead to the side entrance of the business and get into the driver's side of the vehicle. I then drove my vehicle to the van's location.

As I approached the van, the driver, John Nestale Jr, stepped out of it with both hands in the air and said, "I just tried to break into Jonah's."

I asked him to repeat what he had just told me. He stated again, "I just broke into Jonah's."

 He took a white in color, grocery bag that was hanging out of his right back pocket and dropped it on the ground.

I asked him what was in the bag and he said, "It is empty, that was the bag I was going to put the money in". I then asked Nestale how he had broken in and he said, "I broke the side window and after going inside, the alarm went off so I got spooked and left".

After advising dispatch that I was out on a burglary in progress at Jonah`s and inquired if there were any alarms called in for the business. Dispatch advised that there were no alarm called in. I then placed Nestale under arrest, placing handcuffs on him to the rear. After double locking the handcuffs and checking them for tightness, I searched him for any weapons or contraband and placed him in the rear of my patrol car. I then notified Sgt. Powers of the situation and he advised that he was en route.

Officer Parker then arrived on scene to assist. I asked Officer Parker to stand by with the suspect while I checked the business. As Sgt. Powers also arrived on scene I went to check the business. As I approached the east side door, I could see that the glass in the door had been broken. I could also see a large rock just inside the door. I then requested That Sgt Powers assist in clearing the business using his K-9, Hado.

After Sgt Powers and Hado cleared the building, finding no one else inside, he notified Detective Newberry of the incident. He advised that Nestale be transported to the jail and that he would be en route to the scene. I then made contact with Nestale`s wife, Erin Nestale, in reference to the vehicle. I requested that she come and pick the van up. She then made contact with Auto Doctor and requested that they pick up the vehicle.

I then transported Mr. Nestale to the Thomas County Jail (the rear of my vehicle was searched before and after his transport) where his handcuffs were removed and a hold was placed on him For Detective Newberry. After booking in Mr Nestale, I returned to Jonah`s in order to stand by with the vehicle and the business until they both were secured.

After Auto Doctor picked up the vehicle and the key holder (Caleb Brown) for Jonah`s arrived, I collected both the white grocery bag and the rock used to break the glass and logged both items into evidence.

Reporting officer Daniel Powers,  approving officer  James Schminky.

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