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Researchers uncover early T'ville history


South Georgia is full of history, and researchers in Thomasville recently uncovered more. They discovered sections of a house they believe to be close to 200 years old.

The recently uncovered wood dates back to the early 1830's which coincides with Thomas County's earliest history.

"We also found what looks like an 1840's dogtrot house. So would have been two rooms with an open hallway between them. And than of course later additions in the 1850's and 1880's and so on and so forth," said Thomasville Landmarks Executive Director Brent Runyon.

The house at 141 Love Street was purchased by Thomasville Landmarks last year.

They're now deconstructing it to determine its age and bring the floor plan back to it's original single family design.

Researchers say before Thomasville Landmarks acquired the property it was a boarding house as well as a hotbed of criminal activity.

"From 1998 to 2004 we did an intensive neighborhood revitalization effort where we acquired 16 houses in the neighborhood and through that effort plus the effort of other individuals, this neighborhood completely transformed," said Runyon.

Researchers say they always knew the house was old, but they never anticipated how old.

"We're always excited when we find other homes from the Antebellum period and so finding this one from even earlier than the 1850's was quite a find for us. So we'll document it then sell it to someone who will restore it," said Runyon.

And researchers say this discovery will add to the city's tourism and people's desire to live here.

"A strong component of our history are these houses and they really lend themselves to great neighborhoods because people who love downtown Thomasville love historic neighborhoods near downtown Thomasville," said Runyon.

The house was originally thought to have been constructed circa 1853 by Judge Peter Love for whom the street is named.

Researchers say those with a trained eye can date the age of a house's construction by the technology used to build it.


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