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Bronwood cleans up storm debris, damage

Willie Scott's house was unharmed, but this one across the street took a big hit Willie Scott's house was unharmed, but this one across the street took a big hit

 Many Bronwood residents spent most of the day cleaning up storm damage from Thursday night's violent weather.

High winds caused damage to homes and cars and blocked streets in Bronwood around eleven o'clock, but the streets are back open now.

Into Friday afternoon, crews were working to clear roads and repair damaged homes. Piles and piles of trees are still being cleaned-up.

Willie Scott says he knew the storm was serious when the power in his house went out. "That's when it scared me. I told my grand kids to get up. Lets go see what's going on," said  Scott.

Scott looked out his door and saw something he wasn't expecting to see. "I came to the door and I see a few limbs, but then I opened the door on up and I saw trees laying every which way." 

 Scott says the storm only last about 10 minutes. The National Weather Service says it was straight line winds that ripped through the town.

After the storm, Scott gathered his family to go look at what was damaged around town. "We tried to but we couldn't get by no kinds of way. Trees was all over the road every which way you tried to go." 

His neighbor across the street had a tree fall right through the middle of his house. Crews have been working hard through the night and Friday to get the town up and running again.

"They coming together. I mean they came together last night when it first happened," he said.

Scott luckily didn't get any damage to his home. He's happy that things didn't get any worse for him and his family.

Georgia Power says about 300 customers were without power last night and most of the power was restored as of 10:00AM. No one was hurt, but there is still some debris around, so folks in Bronwood need to be careful.

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