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Bronwood cleans up after strong overnight storms

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Folks in Terrell County are cleaning up this morning after a powerful thunderstorm sent trees toppling over roads and onto homes and cars in Bronwood.

Luckily no injuries were reported, but at least one family was trapped inside their home.

Authorities closed all streets entering the city while the damage was checked out. They were reopened after large trees were removed from the road.

Crews also worked through the night and into the morning to clean up, sawing branches and moving tree limbs.

One large tree crashed into the yard of Bronwood resident of 14 years, Harry Parker, just barely missing his home.

"Ever since it started, I haven't been to sleep," said Parker. "Crash is all, then my son got up and got a look and he seen it."

That wasn't the case for every home in the city after the storms barreled through around 10:30 Thursday night.

Terrell County officials say a tree fell onto a family's home, trapping them inside until first responders showed up moments later.

However, no injuries were reported and for that, folks are just thankful they're alright.

"I'm glad about that," said Parker. "I already prayed on that."

"We're kind of blessed that it misses us most of the time," said Kayod Kanah, Bronwood resident. "You know, we don't get touched like this, but It was really rough here."

National Weather Service says it was straight line winds that tore through the town but some say they believe it was much more, after seeing things they've never seen before.

"It could have been jumpers, because my neighbor up here did say that he took a look out the window and he saw that tree when it twisted and went off the road."

They were in awe of the damage and of the storm itself.

"If you would have seen it with your eyes, it was like amazing," said Kanah. "All the colors and there was  balls of lightning."

"Nothing we can do about it," said Parker. "That's God's work. Nothing we can do about it."


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