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Woman wants community to be vigilant of phone scams


A scam alert tonight from a south Georgia woman who says she's being overwhelmed with calls and letters from con artists.     

Ruby Israel hasn't fallen for any of them, but she's worried other seniors might.     

She's gotten calls from a number in Jamaica asking for personal information.     

The latest scam was a letter saying she won a gift card to Target and Walmart.

She says she's vigilant, and she wants you to be too.    

"I check everything out that I get...if you said you getting something free if you've not registered or whatever do not fall for it, check it out first with that business before you fall for it," said Ruby Israel, potential phone scam victim.  

If you get a call from a 1-855 number originating from Jamaica,you should be extremely cautious, because it likely is a scam.

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