Viewpoint: Way to go, Carly

The third time was the charm for our Miss Georgia, Carly Mathis!

Her hard work, determination, and persistence will hopefully serve as a lesson for others who may be seeking not only a pageant title, but possibly a new job, a new start, or any other goal!

Her win, as well as the successes of Phillip Phillips, Luke Bryan, Buster Posey, certainly demonstrate that it doesn't matter how small or large your hometown- it's all about the dream and how hard you're willing to work to achieve that dream!

Carly was runner-up last year and kept her eyes on the top prize, not giving up, but working even harder!

The 22 year old Leesburg woman is now preparing for the Miss America pageant! We have every confidence that Carly will put another positive spotlight on South Georgia.

Best of Luck to you, Carly.

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