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Valdosta drug bust lands 4 in jail


Valdosta Police are looking for a fifth suspect following a drug raid. Four others remain in jail accused of selling drugs.

Friday night Valdosta Police raided this Holiday Street home after investigating the home for several months.

They arrested Kwame Blair, Justin Peterson, Sadaryl Peterson, and Christopher Henderson.

Chief Brian Childress says the group were selling a tremendous amount of crack, powder cocaine, and marijuana.

"It was so elaborate they even had lookouts watching police. What they didn't figure on is that we were doing an undercover operation over there at the same time. So what actions they were taking we were monitoring," said Chief Childress.

Childress says they're looking into seizing property the suspects purchased with drug money.

All face multiple charges, including possession with intent to distribute.

Police haven't released the name of the remaining suspect.

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