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City issues cease and desist letter forcing business to stop


A private recycling company in Albany wants to pick up recyclable material right at your home. The city is telling them they can't, only the city can handle that work, but the city won't offer that service.  

A lot of people use the city recycling center on Meredyth Drive.  There's another one behind the Albany Civic Center. But even many people willing to take the time to come here wish they could recycle at home.  

"Well I think it would be a great benefit to the city, there is already too much post consumer waste through the community," said Ken Stack, recycler.  

But there is a problem with that potential benefit  

"We have a hauler that's operating in residential territory within the city limits and we don't believe that's legal and we ask them to stop" said Wes Smith, Assistant City Manager.  

Wastepro provides recycling services to residential and commercial companies.  They're starting a curbside pickup service, but the city is sending them a cease and desist letter to force them to stop.  

"The issue is that state law gives the city of Albany the right to handle solid waste within the city limits. We have contracted with someone to do part of that, we do the rest of it, and no one else has the right to do that," said Smith.  

City leaders say it's their right to prevent the company from picking up recyclables from homes, even though that's a service the city doesn't offer.  

"The recycling market is not a profitable market, there is not a good recycling area close to hear, you probably have to take it in large truck loads and frankly it's an expense that has to be a subsidize cost and to date that's not something we chosen to do," said Smith.

Even if that is what the public wants.

"The law is not determined in the court of public opinion, the law is what it is" said Smith.  

And city leaders say it's a law they plan to enforce which means you still have to haul your recyclables to one of the two recycling centers.

WastePro believes their service would benefit the city by reducing the amount of trash going to the landfill.

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