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Health leaders educates seniors on preventable illnesses

Dollie Mae Roberts Dollie Mae Roberts

There's a lot most of us don't understand about the health care reform law. Advocates want to make sure seniors understand aspects of the law that focus on preventive health care to help them avoid expensive hospital stays.  

Dollie Mae Roberts is living with congestive hearth failure.  She has to watch the activities she takes part in, so she won't put too much stress on her heart.  

"Yes sometimes you feel like you want to do a lot of things that you have been used to doing and you can't do that because it will put a lot of stress on your heart" said Dollie Mae Roberts, event attendee.  

She joined other seniors at Phoebe Northwest Thursday night to learn ways to stay out of the hospital.  

"We see a high rate of hospital readmissions for certain health conditions and we're just wanting to educate the public so we can help that and make a healthier community," said Babs Hall, Program Manager, SOWEGA Council on Aging.  

Roberts says she is extremely appreciative for this event sponsored by Community Outreach Program & Education.  

"It's been very helpful because I live with this condition for several years," said Roberts.  

But she doesn't let her condition stop her from finding ways to get some exercise in so she can keep her heart strong.  

"I continue to cook, I wash, I make beds, I sweep my kitchen floor," said Roberts.  

Those activities are helpful, so is the information she received Thursday night from health leaders.  

"Yes, yes I am son, yes I am, I relish what people tell me," said Roberts.  

Organizers of Thursday's event want to help seniors manage chronic health problems and prevent other illnesses.  

"We always want to encourage people to watch their diet and what their intake is, as well as the lifestyle they lead," said Hall.  

So in the end, everyone can remain strong like Dollie.

Organizers plan to hold another event like this in the near future.

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