Viewpoint: Keep track of DCSS spending

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Dougherty County School Board members are still reeling from the revelation that the system overpaid a program for high school dropouts by more than a quarter million dollars.

In May, School Chief Financial Officer Kenneth Dyer told the board the contract allowed former superintendent Joshua Murfree to pay a higher amount without the board's approval.

The school board lawyer says that's not true.

In January, two checks were made out to the Alternatives Unlimited program; one while former superintendent Murfree was still in office, the other after he left.

At the very least, this is poor job performance. We can only hope it's not a reflection of a cavalier attitude of "doing whatever I want with taxpayer money."

As citizens of Dougherty County, we demand accountability for our tax dollars.

Dyer says a mistake in how students were classified caused the quarter-million dollar error.

We want the board to get to the bottom of what happened and fix it. We can't afford this type of "error" in the future.

We are hopeful that interim superintendent David Mosely will give this costly expenditure his full attention and take steps to ensure that such reckless spending is stopped immediately.