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Alternative Fuel Roadshow stops in Valdosta

Georgia Public Service Commissioner Tim Echols Georgia Public Service Commissioner Tim Echols

In an effort to get more alternative fuel vehicles in south Georgia, the 3rd annual Georgia alternative fuel car road show stopped in Valdosta today. Vehicles powered by sources from electricity to natural gas were on display.

It's not your average classic car or speed racing show, but these vehicles are all part of an up and coming industry -- alternative fuels.

Cars powered by biofuels, propane, natural gas, and electricity were all on display. Georgia Public Service Commissioner Tim Echols is leading the 8 city, 3 week road show.

"I'd love for us to take advantage of cheap natural gas prices; hey we're a farm state we've got plenty of ethanol that can be made out of anything," said Echols.

Echols says these cars save drivers money and help reduce our dependency on foreign oil.

Drivers who use gasoline fueled cars spend about $3,000 a year in gas. But with an electric car you can cut that cost down to $1,000.

"Valdosta is the one city that we need to make sure that we have about a half dozen chargers near the expressway, in order for a person to be able to go from the bottom of our state to the top on 1-75 using an electric car," said Echols.

Mike Anderson with Efacec EV Chargers is trying to bring more charging stations to south Georgia. "Valdosta would be a great Oasis area for EV chargers."

But our area is already on its way to using natural gas.

"Valdosta is a very unique city in Georgia because you're getting a natural gas fueling station. And there's really only two other towns in south Georgia that have that, Macon and Savannah," said Echols.

The show will be back on the road tomorrow in Columbus.

The $1 million natural gas fueling station will open July 1st off Madison Highway in Valdosta.

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Information from the Georgia Public Service Commission-

PSC Commissioner Tim Echols is hosting his third annual Alternative Fueled Vehicle Roadshow at the Valdosta City Annex Building and Lowndes County Judicial Complex Parking Lot-300 North Lee St.

The Roadshow showcases the practical impact of clean, alternative fuels in today's vehicles. Visitors can get a close look at propane, biofuels, natural gas, electric (EV) and compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles along with answers to questions on cost, safety, maintenance and financing considerations.

"This roundtable brings together policy makers, businesses and consumers involved with clean energy, and those who actually use this technology each and every day," said Echols, who has driven both a CNG Honda and Ford Plug-in Hybrid.  "It is my hope that we can get ahead of skyrocketing gas prices and reduce our dependency on OPEC oil." Echols said high gasoline prices have a chilling effect on economic development.

This marks the first year that the Tour has stopped in Valdosta. "The Valdosta-Lowndes Chamber is very pleased to help host this event," Chamber President Myrna Ballard said. "The goal of our Sustainable Energy Network is to help educate the business community about energy efficiency and provide a platform that promotes and advocates for the environmental technology sector in Metro Valdosta."

The success of the series has propelled it throughout the Southeast. Full-time tour director, Joy Kramer adds, "The importance of ‘localizing' the national conferences can't be overstated. There's a very high demand for education of city and municipal fleet leaders who cannot spend taxpayer money to travel in today's economy."  


  • Roush-Ford E350 Propane Van
  • Police Truck Propane
  • Ford 2013 C-Max Energi Plug-in Hybrid
  • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Honda
  • 2012 & 2013 models, all-electric Nissan LEAF with EFACEC DC Fast Charger
  • Class A Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Freightliner
  • Chevrolet Silverado 2500 CNG bi-fuel


The tour makes a stop in Columbus Friday.

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