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Students and officials prepare for tornadoes

Students and staff at Albany State jumped into action when a tornado siren sounded Tuesday. Fortunately it was a drill, mirrored by Police on the campus.

Students were instructed to crouch down inside the hall during this mock tornado drill.

"The best practice is to practice it perfect, says Gregory Elder, ASU Assistant Chief of Police. "And once you get to an achievable standard, hopefully in the event of something major happening they'll revert back to their training. That's our hope."

Tuesday's routine drill was done on a small scale to give the residential assistants, faculty and staff practice on procedures that are in place to keep students safe.

"I believe these drills are really important for our school because it gives us practice for when the real thing happens," says Senior Denisha Harris.

Across campus, ASU police officers were having training of their own. An officer conducted a practice traffic stop, which is considered one of the most important drills.

"The traffic stop is one of the most dangerous of our duties," reminds Lt. Marcus Guess. "Most look at it as routine, but there is no such thing as a routine traffic stop, which can go from safe to dangerous in a matter of seconds."

Through both drills, campus police hope students, faculty and staff can all stay safe, no matter what the situation.

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