Viewpoint: IRS and wasteful spending

A government report blasting the Internal Revenue Service for its spending on seminars, speakers and training videos lists 22 Georgia conferences at high-end hotels in downtown Atlanta and on St. Simons Island.

Among them is a conference for managers at Atlanta's Marriott Marquis Hotel that cost $1.18 million for 800 attendees, or an average of $1477 per person.

IRS training at the Sea Palms Resort on St. Simons Island cost $110,586 for 77 attendees in fiscal year 2010.

Another St. Simons conference at the King and Prince Hotel cost $99,586 for 70 people in fiscal year 2012.

These are just the examples of waste in Georgia, you have seen the national reports, that this is going on across the country.

There is more talk from both parties calling for a drastic overhaul of the hundreds of pages in our tax code.

We say let's finally have a flat tax…just pick a number…20% 25%, with no deductions, and eliminate the entire IRS.

Maybe that's just too simple to make sense in Washington.