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Boat safety means inside the vessel, too

Cell phone video of boat after explosion Cell phone video of boat after explosion

A Georgia girl remains hospitalized with serious burns following a boat explosion on Lake Lanier. Apparently, a fuel leak led to the blast.  

Cell phone video captured by boaters shows a boat burning on Lake Lanier Sunday afternoon moments after an explosion.

Bubba Revels, service writer at Huggins Outboard was shown the photos; he says this is a major concern.  

"It causes concern I mean evidently there was a fuel leak, and just a twist of a key could have made thing explode. Evidently that's what happened," said Bubba Revels, Service Writer, Huggins Outboard.  

The blast knocked a little girl out of the boat.  She suffered third degree burns.  Her parents suffered minor injuries.  Boat owner Montey Veazel and his son say it's a scary situation they hope they never face.  

"It would be frightening, what do you think?"

" Scary! You would want to get off the boat immediately," said Montey & Sellers Veazey, boat owner and son.  

Sources say fuses possibly sparked the fire.  

Bubba says," It's important to have your boat inspected every year so your boat won't end up like the boat on Lake Lanier," said Bubba.    

"Trying to avoid things like this would hopefully convince folks to bring their engines in at least once a year to get it checked over," said Bubba.  

There are also some other things you should check before you head to the water to make sure your boat is safe.  

"Check the lower unit oil for water just a thorough maintenance, cranking the engine making adjustments you don't want to have any problems once you're out there," said Bubba.

And if you take these steps, you should be able to protect your family and avoid a scene like this.

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