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Mission change making an impact in Albany


Folks in need of some extra help came out to this month's mission change event at First United Methodist Church of Albany. Attendees had access to showers, food, and could even get a haircut, and for some the mission has left a lasting impression.

One young woman in particular say at this time last year, she and her four kids were homeless, she had no job, and she had no idea what she was going to do next.   Attending a mission change event changed her life and she hasn't looked back since.

Antoinette Fisher stood in the same place she stood, at the same event she attended last year, but she's certainly not in the same position she was in a year before.

"When I met them, this is the truth; I was sleeping in my car.  Me and my children were actually sleeping in the car, literally in the car, every night and when I met them, they got us a place to stay and from that day I have not slept in the car," said Fisher.

With the help of mission change volunteers she now has a job, a home, and is even enrolled in college.  Now that her life has been changed she's working to see that others get the encouragement they need to make the switch.

"We've heard a lot of great stories and there are more to find and to share. We always say everyone has a story and we all need to be sharing it," said event organizer Ladonna Urick.

Several stylists and manicurists in the community volunteered their services knowing that they were giving more than just a cut or a manicure, they were planting a seed.

Robert Parker is homeless and says that before coming to today's event he felt hopeless, but with each snip of the scissors he now feels like a new man.

"It's helping me a lot really being around these good Christian people because I had given up hope," said Parker

Robert Parker isn't the only person that has been changed for the better.  Countless others have gained a sense of purpose through mission change and as lives are changed those that once needed a hand, are reaching back out to those in need.

Verizon wireless was also on location to allow folks to make one free phone call to let family members know that they are doing alright.

Each month the mission focuses on something different.  Next month the mission will be holding their back to school supply drive.

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