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Student organizes blood drive

Vital blood donations often drop during the summer as folks go on vacation. One Albany teenager is doing her part to try to make sure that doesn't happen. Abigail Shepherd organized her third blood drive Friday afternoon at the Albany Mall  

"It's good for the community, blood drives are needed all the time, hospitals always needs blood for people who are anemic and for car crashes and other accidents were blood transfusions are needed," said Abigail Shepherd, Red Cross Volunteer.  

In addition to helping others, Abigail Shepherd also gets a benefit for organizing this event, a potential scholarship.  

"How the scholarship works is if 35 people give blood today I can win a $1,000 dollar scholarship, and if 50 people give blood today I can win a $2,000 scholarship," said Abigail.   Winning the scholarship will help Abigail offset some of her college costs.  

"It will help take care of college expenses. I'm not trying to get loans, at least until I get to graduate," said Abigail.  

But it's not solely about the money.  Abigail knows people who will benefit from the blood, that's one of the reasons she got involved.  

"I know several people that are anemic and most of them need at least one blood transfusion and some maybe even more than that," said Abigail.  

Her efforts from the day are appreciated by the workers at the American Red Cross.  

"It's wonderful to see young people contributing to their community to help to bring in blood for the much needed people, and when other kids see young kids like her contributing to their community that empowers them to do the same thing too," said Constance Roman, Team Supervisor, American Red Cross.  

If you would to find out how and where you can donate blood visit

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