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Moultrie wants to outlaw saggy pants


Another south Georgia city is on the verge of making folks pull up their pants. The Moultrie City Council is set to vote on an ordinance outlawing saggy pants.

The city drafted an amendment to the public indecency ordinance. City council members say the current law is too vague and they want to crack down on people who wear saggy pants.

The Moultrie City Council says this is not a good look. And some concerned citizens agree, they recently approached the city council to do something about people showing their backsides and other body parts. 

"If they're 3 inches or more below the waist and shows your under garments and has normally part of the body that would be covered, that would be subject to violation," said Mayor Bill McIntosh.

Violations that can add up. The first offense is $25 dollars and could increase. Violators may also have to perform court ordered community service. Not everyone thinks it's a good idea.

"I mean you should get a warning or something first. I think, but. I mean that's how the young folks wearing it now and it's kind of like stylish. I could understand people don't want to see it. I mean I don't wear mine like that. I don't feel it should be a fine off the rip," said Chris Brannon.

The mayor says a public indecency ordinance is needed to maintain a presentable community for everyone.

"Hopefully this would be something people would look at as not being repressive or done to target anybody. We feel like it's the decent thing to do," said Mayor Bill McIntosh.

Chris Brannon says even though he's not in favor of the fines, he thinks people will eventually warm up to the idea of an this new ordinance.

"It's going to take a minute. It's going to take a minute. I don't know what a better solution would be. It'll probably start at home, but it's going to take a minute. It's going to be a lot of fine." said Chris Brannon.

Soon, under the new law people wearing saggy pants will have to tighten up.

The mayor says the ordinance will go into effect immediately if it's approved by the council at their next meeting on Tuesday.

The ordinance also specifies seven acts of public indecency in Moultrie:

  • Actual or simulated sexual activity or masturbation.
  • Lewd exposure of sexual organs.
  • Lewd appearance in a state of partial or complete nudity.
  • Lewd caress or indecent fondling of the body of another person.
  • Urination or defecation.
  • The wearing of pants more than three inches below the top of the hips (crest of the ilium), exposing the skin or undergarments.
  • Exposure of undergarments by the lifting, lowering, or removing of outer garments.

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