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Summer camps face the heat


It's another miserably hot day in South Georgia. That means summer fun can turn into summer trouble in a hurry.

Young children are at higher risk for heat related illnesses, and at Chehaw summer camps their number one priority is keeping the kids cool.

"As far as keeping cool during the summer we have water day very frequently. They get a chance to run through the sprinklers. We have lots lots and lots of water for our campers to re-hydrate with so we can make sure they stay safe. We also alternate between indoor and outdoor activities," said Jackie Entz Education Coordinator at Chehaw Park.

Before your kids head out the door to summer camp, you need to make sure they're prepared to handle the heat.  Camp counselors encourage all campers have a water bottle, proper clothing and sunscreen.

"We make sure our campers stay in the shade as well as sunscreen them up. We typically try to plan most of our outdoor activities in the morning so we can make sure that all of our campers stay safe throughout the day," said Entz.

Not all summer campers have to face the heat.  Activities for these kids at Thronateeska's Wetherbee Planetarium are adjusted each day based on the weather.

"Early in the morning the kids can go outside and do some outdoor activities and then if it gets hot we bring them back inside to do arts and crafts," said Phyllis Groome Museum guide at Wetherbee Planetarium and Science Museum.

As more kids join summer camps and the summer months continue to heat up, it brings relief to know camp officials are working hard to keep your kids safe. 

If you would like to register your child or want more information,  CLICK HERE or call 229-639-2650. 


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