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Dawson family escapes early morning blaze


The Terrell County Fire Department is investigating a blaze at a home in Dawson where a family quickly escaped after it caught fire early Thursday morning.

Lieutenant Angela Blackman with Dawson Police was the first to respond to the residence at 877 Crawford Road around 2:45 am.

Blackman says the house was fully engulfed in flames when she arrived, but fire units responded shortly after and quickly got the fire under control.

"The fire department was right behind us," said Blackman. "When I arrived I saw two kids running from the house into my arms and I got them safely across the street."

The house is home to the two children and their grandparents, who were all sleeping inside when the fire began. The grandmother, Annie Ham, says thanks to her grandson they were all able to make it out safely with no injuries.

"My 10-year-old grandson woke up and ran to the back bedroom where I was sleeping and he said 'momma, momma, fire, fire!'and we jumped up and ran," said Ham. "Smoke was coming out everywhere and alarms were going off everywhere. So, all we did was count for everybody and get out."

The home and furniture inside are now badly damaged, but Ham says none of that matters. She's just glad her family is okay.

"I was scared. I was real scared," said Ham. "Because I can buy more material stuff but I can't buy a new family."

The cause of the blaze is still unclear but authorities believe it was ignited in the back area of the home.

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