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Former Georgia Police Officer behind bars

Silas Barnes, World War II Veteran Silas Barnes, World War II Veteran

A former Georgia police officer, who made headlines after being injured in a parade for wounded war heroes, isn't a war hero at all.     

Now, 41-year old Shane Ladner is in jail. He was a Holly Springs police officer when he was invited on a hunting trip for wounded warriors last November in Texas.      

During a parade for the vets, a train slammed into a float, killing four people and injuring sixteen Including Ladner and his wife.     

For years Ladner had a Purple Heart Georgia license plate, but the Army says he never earned that medal.     

He's charged with false swearing, giving a false statement to police, and four counts of theft by deception for receiving that free license plate.    

A true war hero from Albany supports a new law that makes what Ladner is accused of doing a federal crime. 

Ninety- One year old Silas Barnes was wounded during World War Two and was taken prisoner in the Philippines.  

He's got a Purple Heart and numerous other medals and awards that he really earned fighting for our country.  Barnes says folks like Ladner deserve to be punished.    

"Well, I think it's pretty bad. The guy shouldn't lie. I think it's a great idea it's a law. If you earned something, you get it; and if you don't earn it, you don't get it," said Silas Barnes, World War II Veteran.    

Earlier this month, President Obama signed the Stolen Valor Act. It makes it a Federal crime to falsely claim to be the recipient certain military decorations with the intent to obtain money, property, or other benefits.

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