Albany business owner helping young entrepreneurs

An Albany small business owner is helping other young entrepreneurs follow in her footsteps. The owner of Tabernacle Hair Salon is opening her doors to students from Albany Tech, giving them a chance to earn some money while they hone their skills.

At the tabernacle beauty salon, it's not all about doing hair, but teaching and inspiring Albany Tech cosmetology students.

"I've been giving back by taking people under my wings, like some of the students that I have here now and allowing them to grow by seeing what I do and they don't have to go through some of the transitions that I had to go through," said Sebrica Moore, Owner of Tabernacle Hair & Nail Salon.

Sebrica Moore has been doing hair professionally for thirteen years. She worked hard to become her own boss.

"I came into the my business debt free by first just learning to save, by working the jobs that I was working," said Sebrica.

Sebrica knows the struggle that many cosmetology students go through to get on their feet.

"I am an Albany Tech student, formerly came out of Albany tech, by me learning that it takes a lot to come out on your own and just say I am going to come into a salon and do this, all these wonderful things, the dreams are fine but once you hit the real world it's different," said Sebrica.

She helps current students overcome the obstacles she faced, hoping that they can go even farther than she has.

"They learn everything that I've done so that they can do well or even better once they get out and up," said Sebrica.

Those students appreciate the inspiration and the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to real life situations while getting paid.

"It's a great opportunity for someone to go out their way and to make sure former students have a job so that when they get ready to enter the real world, they won't have to pay the high booth rent or the high commission or building up their clientele, " said Sebrica.

And paying for a booth to rent or building up their clientele is something these students will not have to worry about upon graduation because they have a place to work at the Tabernacle Salon.

Cosmetology students at Albany Tech interested in getting hands-on training at Tabernacle Hair & Nail salon can call the salon at 229-431-3399.

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